Immutability of strings in Python

The one interesting fact I encountered with Python is of string immutability. I’ve been programming with PHP for many years and string manipulation of a variable changes the original string – as the example below shows. The variable ‘$greetings’ has been changed.

However, in Python, strings cannot be changed after they are created. You can build new strings from a existing string as every string operation produces a new string. The following example shows that. If we try to change the first character of the ‘greetings’ object, python throws an error.

You may be saying, ‘Hey, but we can do the following. Isn’t that mutating the string? Didn’t we just changed the original string?’

The answer is no. Here we are not mutating a string but a variable. A variable is just a label pointing to an object (‘Hello World’). The object is immutable, but you can make the label (‘greetings’) point to a completely different object (‘Hello Earth’) if you want to.

You can test your Python code using the online code editor.

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